Pokemon Go neck… no, seriously. It’s real!

We’ve talked about “Text neck” before: the pain in your neck caused by keeping your head in a forward and down position for extended periods of time while texting. But now there is a new name for it: “Pokemon Go neck”. The newest technology craze is getting people up and moving, but because it requires […]

Abdomen and the pelvic floor, pain and connective tissue

I had worked with pregnant women for years before becoming pregnant myself, but No One could have prepared me for the changes I would experience in my abdomen and pelvic floor during pregnancy and postpartum. I learned all about the biomechanical aspects of pregnancy while going through it: the changed gait, the changed center of […]

Hip labrum and FAI surgery: Week and Day of Surgery

My last post about my hip labrum and FAI surgery indicated that my surgery date was going to be 12/15/15. I had my pre-op testing at the hospital on 12/1 which included a complete blood count, EKG and chest X-ray. I received a call the next morning from my surgeon, Dr. Tim Bert‘s, office (Hedley […]

Preventative massage therapy creates lasting wellness

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how our treatments can help to correct the soft tissue aspects of injury and biomechanical dysfunction, but prevention of injuries and pain is just as important. When our muscle and connective tissue is regularly treated though massage therapy, there is less tension placed on our joints and […]

Myofascial Pain prevention: Surgery Scars

Anyone who’s had a surgical procedure knows how unsightly the scars can be, and how they will look after they heal is a concern. But to us, more important that esthetics, is how your tissue will function after the surgery. Scar tissue is dense, and as a part of the healing process it can become […]

Integrity matters

One of the pillars of our customer service is integrity. We are committed to giving our clients the best experience and treatments possible, within our scope of practice. We are not physicians or physical therapists – we cannot and do not diagnose. We treat the symptoms that are presented to us, either in description from […]

Muscle pain after surgery

It’s difficult to imagine having muscle pain after surgery that is not related to the actual surgery itself, but it happens often! You’re going in to have something repaired so you can get Out of pain, so you wouldn’t think that the procedure could cause a new set of pain complaints, right? Many patients wake […]

Anatomy Spotlight: Psoas

Psoas (pronounced So-Az) is one of the most important muscles in our body. It is our primary hip flexor and one of our main core muscles. Psoas attaches to the Front side of the lumbar spine (think about that for a minute), weaves down through the pelvis and attaches to the lesser trochanter of the […]

The importance of Postpartum NMT

There are many reasons a new mom would love to have a massage after delivery… but most see it as just an hour of pampering after carrying a child for nine months and then going through childbirth. Very few understand the necessity of postpartum therapeutic treatments unless they undergo an injury in the delivery process and have […]