All About Postpartum Massage

  Having a baby puts your body through a tremendous amount of physical and emotional stress, to say the least. Many women take such good care of their bodies while they’re pregnant, and then once the baby arrives, they’re all but forgotten with the demands of motherhood. Many overlook the recovery time necessary to fully […]

Abdomen and the pelvic floor, pain and connective tissue

I had worked with pregnant women for years before becoming pregnant myself, but No One could have prepared me for the changes I would experience in my abdomen and pelvic floor during pregnancy and postpartum. I learned all about the biomechanical aspects of pregnancy while going through it: the changed gait, the changed center of […]

The importance of Postpartum NMT

There are many reasons a new mom would love to have a massage after delivery… but most see it as just an hour of pampering after carrying a child for nine months and then going through childbirth. Very few understand the necessity of postpartum therapeutic treatments unless they undergo an injury in the delivery process and have […]