My hip labrum tear and FAI story

This is my story. I’m choosing to tell it because there isn’t a lot of information out there on pain from a hip labrum tear and FAI.  My “journey” has been a challenging  and frustrating one, with many days filled with pain and the mental downward spiral that many people in chronic pain experience… “Will […]

Our 2015 Holiday Family Sponsorship

The Neuromuscular Studio would like to ask your help in supporting little Madison McHugh. Last year we began the start of what we hoped would be an annual tradition of supporting a Studio family in need for the holidays. When we began the search for our family last year, I immediately contacted Anna McHugh, long […]

The necessity of prenatal massage

There’s no doubt about it, creating a human being is hard work. A woman’s body goes through so many physical changes that back pain, hip pain and sciatica, calf cramps, neck pain and headaches are common pregnancy ailments. Most people view prenatal massage as spa luxury that allows a woman to relax for an hour […]

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and its importance

Have you heard the term Lymphatic Drainage and wondered what its all about? And why would someone have their lymph drained? Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a very gentle form of massage that manipulates and stimulates the body’s lymphatic system through light gliding strokes. Our immune response is dependent on a well-functioning lymph system, and the […]

KMI Structural Integration – Session 6

Session 6 as conveyed by our client, Amy D. Last week, I went through session 6 of the KMI Structural Integration series. That one was focused on the Psoas, and the “Central Deep Front Line.” The psoas is our primary hip flexor and one of our main core muscles. See our blog on the psoas […]

Is your widespread pain Fibromyalgia, or myofascial trigger points?

The diagnosis of Fibromyalgia with patients having widespread muscle pain has become more prevalent in the last few years. There is a true condition called Fibromyalgia, for which a series of at least 11 of 18 “tender points” appearing in all four quadrants of the body must be present in order to qualify for that […]

KMI Structural Integration – Session 5 (Core – Lower Deep Frontal Line)

(Note: Session 4 is for the “spiral line.” My body didn’t need that work, so we skipped to session 5. I like that the series is customize-able.) This fifth Structural session was one I was not looking forward to. It’s the first time I really read & researched a session before going in. It’s the […]

KMI Structural Integration – Session 3 (Superficial Lateral Line)

Session 3, Before and After pictures I went through the third KMI Structural Integration session earlier this week, which is for the Lateral Line. This was also the third superficial session. The primary goal of KMI Structural Integration is to improve the alignment and movement of the body. The first thing we do every session […]

KMI Structural Integration – Session 2 – A Client’s Perspective

Yesterday, I had my second KMI Structural Integration session. This second session was for my Superficial Back Line. The photos this time were of my posture. The outcome is to have your ear, shoulder, hip, and ankle in line. Like most people, when I walk, my head is forward, and in front of my body. […]

KMI Structural Integration – Session 1 – client perspective

The following is a Guest Post from our client Amy D. who is starting the KMI Structural Integration series. She will be blogging about the series, and we will be posting here for everyone to read. We have posted this, and all future pieces about the series, with her permission. ****** I’ve been getting massages […]