How our treatments differ from spa massages

We all love relaxing massages. Everyone needs an hour of time to themselves every once in a while, and massage fills the need for time and relaxation, which is why it’s a popular choice at the resort and day spas. But what if you were wanting a specific area treated for that nagging pain you’ve […]

Preventative massage therapy creates lasting wellness

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how our treatments can help to correct the soft tissue aspects of injury and biomechanical dysfunction, but prevention of injuries and pain is just as important. When our muscle and connective tissue is regularly treated though massage therapy, there is less tension placed on our joints and […]

Integrity matters

One of the pillars of our customer service is integrity. We are committed to giving our clients the best experience and treatments possible, within our scope of practice. We are not physicians or physical therapists – we cannot and do not diagnose. We treat the symptoms that are presented to us, either in description from […]

Concussion treatment: the benefits of NMT

Concussion is a big deal – even a mild one can cause major, lasting effects, it all depends on your individual brain’s ability to adapt and heal. I know, I’ve had one. And I still have fleeting moments where things don’t feel quite right, and my concussion was 2 1/2 years ago. Considered mild, the […]

Why choose The Neuromuscular Studio?

One of our most frequent questions from new, potential clients is “Why are you different than regular massage therapy?” Many physicians and physical therapists have found benefit in the work that we do, especially in conjunction with other therapies and/or procedures, and many are recommending that they try a few sessions of Neuromuscular Therapy or […]

Two components of Myofascial Pain

Myofascial Pain is one of the primary factors in patients with chronic muscle pain. What exactly is myofascial, though? “Myo” means muscle and “fascial” refers to the fascia or connective tissue that surrounds muscle and fills space in our body. Fascia creates an envelope of sorts around the muscle, and muscle can only move within […]

Bolstering for sleeping during pregnancy

If you have been pregnant recently, or are currently pregnant, you know how many pregnancy whole-body sleeping pillows are on the market, many at a hefty price. Many pregnant clients ask if these support systems are worth the price tag, especially when there are so many other things to buy for the pregnancy and baby. […]

Travel tips for a healthier trip!

I always have clients return from vacation or business travel feeling frustrated that their healthy diet or therapy progress took a back seat while away. Traveling can make staying on track with your diet or exercises more difficult, but there are some easy things you can do to keep closer to your routine, it just […]

Anatomy Spotlight: Sacroiliac joint

The Sacroiliac joint, or SI joint, is the joint in the posterior pelvis where the sacrum meets the ilium of the pelvis. Many people refer to this area when they say they have “lower back” pain. Look in the mirror and you may have dimples or divets there. When this joint is dysfunctional, it is […]

12 Months to Better Health: January – Water

For 2015, I really wanted to share some knowledge that I’ve learned over the years on simple ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve found that making slow adjustments make for longer lasting changes in lifestyle and diet – the tortoise always wins the race. Every month I will post a new focus, something to […]