Clean Eating after the Holidays

The end of the holiday season is almost here, New Year’s Day is just around the corner! Chances are you, even with the best intentions, you probably ate a few more “bad” foods than you wanted to. They’re tempting, they are all around us during the month of December. But a new year is starting and now is the time to re-think your lifestyle, including diet, exercise and sleep. Through 2015, Rachel will be posting a new element of health and wellness every month as a reminder of it’s importance for our health. Stay tuned on January 1st for our first post!

If you are ready to start clean eating, but are not sure how or where to begin, join us for our first Wellness Seminar: a grocery store tour for clean eating with nutritional expert Christina Ratusznik from Funktional Fitness. Sign up under the Events tab or Client Login, space is limited.

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