What is your cancelation policy?

We value the time of both our clients and our therapists, and in doing so, we strictly enforce the following cancelation policy:

  • We kindly ask for 48 hours notice of cancelation or reschedule
  • Any cancelation or reschedule under 24 hours is subject to a cancelation fee equal to 40% of the full value of your service booked.
  • Any cancelation or reschedule under 2 hours up to the appointment start time AND/OR no-show, missed appointment is subject to full charge for the session.
  • Any new client no-shows result in forfeit of new client deposit.
  • Cancelation or no-show fees must be paid prior to booking another appointment
  • In the event we can fill your cancelled or rescheduled time with another client, your fee is waived. Because of this, it’s best to give us as much notice as possible!
  • For cancelations after office hours, you may leave us a voicemail at 480.967.7345 or send us a text 866.376.3015, we receive all messages remotely after hours.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept or bill health insurance, auto insurance or Medicare.

If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) or employer FSA (flex-spending account), you may be able to use your funds for our services with a prescription or referral – check with your administrator. Because we are Licensed Massage Therapists, insurance and medicare do not cover our services.

What are your credentials?

We are Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT), and some of our therapists have an additional Certification in Neuromuscular Therapy (CNMT). This Certification takes about two years to complete in addition to traditional massage therapy training. Our Certified Neuromuscular Therapists are trained and Certified under Judith DeLany, the Founder of NMT Center and Neuromuscular Therapy American Version.

What precautions are you taking with COVID-19?

We take the COVID-19 global pandemic very seriously and have taken many precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. If you have been directly exposed, have taken a test, or are running a fever (or presenting with other COVID-19 symptoms) you must cancel your appointment.

Masks are optional at our Studio. If you would prefer for your therapist to use one during your session, please let us know. We have top COVID-rated BlueAir purifiers in each treatment room and large medical grade Blueair purifiers in common areas to keep our air clean. We thoroughly disinfect all surfaces with a COVID-rated disinfectant and have touchless hand sanitizer at the front desk.

Do I have to fully undress for my massage?

Some clients choose to leave their underwear on during a session for comfort and that is absolutely fine. Fully undressing ensures the glute and hip regions are able to be better treated, however these areas can be accessed through the sheets or underwear if needed. For KMI Structural Integration and Myofascial Release Therapy, viewing clothes are worn for the treatment. Viewing clothes for men are shorts or underwear; for women, a two piece bathing suit, or shorts and a sports bra.

Is it appropriate for me to tip the therapist?

Because our work is medical in nature, gratuity for your service is not required like spas or day spas. If you would like to tip your therapist and put it on your card, just let us know at checkout.

Is being hydrated really important?

Yes, it is very important. Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water. If properly hydrated, the tissue will move more freely during your treatment making it less painful.

Experts give a basic guideline for daily water consumption as follows: Take your body weight in pounds and divide it by two to get the recommended ounces per day. If you enjoy any de-hydrating beverages (coffee, soda, alcohol, etc.) then add another 8 ounces per serving.

Why do I have more pain sometimes after a session?

Soreness or increased pain is common up to 72 hours after a Neuromuscular Therapy session. You may also have intermittent aches and pains in different places throughout the first 3 days. We suggest icing areas that become sore and keeping your body hydrated with water.

Is Neuromuscular Therapy “Deep Tissue” Massage?

Not exactly. Deep Tissue massage is a term for general therapeutic bodywork that accesses deeper layers of tissue. It does not mean deeper pressure. Neuromuscular Therapy works both the soft tissue and the nervous system, and accesses deeper layers of tissue in a very targeted, strategic manner.

I am pregnant and I would like to have a massage face down. Is that possible?

For the safety of mother and child, we perform our prenatal massages with the mother in a sidelying position bolstered by pillows or a pregnancy support cushion. A massage face-down may be performed in the first trimester with a physician’s approval. Starting in the second trimester, it is not safe to have pressure of any form on the front of the abdomen or baby for an extended period of time and the mother must be in a side-lying position for her massage.

I just had surgery and would like a massage. When can I make an appointment?

For most surgeries, the normal time before a physician’s release is six to eight weeks, but every case is individual. A physician’s written release post-surgery is required before post-surgical treatments begin. Your physician’s office can fax a release to our office at (480) 967-7348.

How can I make an appointment and where are you located?

We are located in South Tempe at 430 W. Warner Rd., Suite 110 in Tempe, Arizona.

All appointments are scheduled Monday through Saturday. We do not accept walk-ins. You can view and request available appointments online here., or you can call our office at 480.967.7345, #1. The Neuromuscular Studio – Tempe is located at 430 W. Warner Rd., Suite 110 in Tempe, Arizona. We are in the Warner Professional Plaza on the NE corner of Kyrene and Warner.