How Swanwick blue light blocking glasses have helped our clients with pain and neuro symptoms

Written by Rachel Carroll, CNMT, LMT and Founder of  The Neuromuscular Studio


As you may know I am very interested in things that will help my clients with their pain. The pain puzzle is unique to everyone, and some pieces are larger than others: sleep, nutrition, hydration, exercise, work ergonomics, repetitive patterns, etc all play a factor in myofascial (muscular) pain. One thing that has helped me personally with my pain has been the Swanwick bue blocking glasses. I have used them for 4 years, both daytime and nighttime, and they have been a gamechanger for me. So much so, that I have decided to carry them in the office for retail for easy access for our clients.

Here is more info on why I love them. Watch my video here, or read below.


How Swanwick Blue Light Blocking Glasses have positively impacted the clients at The Neuromuscular Studio, and myself:


The bullet points:

  • Better quality and more hours of sleep
  • Less muscular pain
  • Better athletic performance
  • Fewer and/or less intense migraines
  • Fewer concussion or TBI symptoms
  • More work productivity and less brain fog

The details:

  • Muscular Pain: Trigger points, which are nodules in taut bands of muscle that cause pain and dysfunction, become activated by a variety of systemic or local factors. When activated, trigger points can cause pain or sensations in other parts of the body, and cause the muscle to contract, which further increases pain and limits movement. One perpetuating factor of trigger point activation is disrupted sleep, and in my professional experience, clients with disrupted sleep or fewer hours of undisrupted sleep can have more myofascial pain. It’s a big piece of the pain puzzle for many. Clients who have used Swanwick nighttime glasses before bed report falling asleep more easily, staying asleep longer, having better quality of sleep, and feeling rested when waking. Many also report less pain upon waking and throughout the day.
  • Athletic Performance: In order for the body to be able to function at optimum levels for competitive athletes, an individual must have an adequate amount of sleep hours for the body systems to fully recover overnight. This is especially true for elite athletes. My NFL clients report feeling immediately refreshed when waking, having the same quality of sleep as taking melatonin but without the morning grogginess, and the ability for their morning coffee to give them an immediate boost instead of using it to wake up. And their performance on the field has improved also. They take their nighttime glasses on their road-trips and consider them an essential part of their nightly routine even when away from home.
  • Migraines: Migraine headaches are an incredibly debilitating condition in which severe pain is felt in the head and face. Many times the migraine is generated by external neuro stimulus such as light, noise, or smell. Another external stimulus that is consistent in our clientele with migraines is working in environments with fluorescent lights on devices and computers. Our clients who report fewer migraines note using daytime Swannies during the work day, and nighttime Swannies for an hour before bed.
  • Concussion/TBI: One of the most challenging aspects of having a concussion or traumatic brain injury is the reactivity and sensitivity of external stimulus on the brain. The brain in an injured state can have a difficult time processing information, especially when there are many different stimuli being presented at the same time (bright lights, loud music, people talking). This causes confusion, mental fatigue, physical fatigue and difficulty concentrating or speaking correctly. By filtering and eliminating the external stimulus by wearing Swannies, the brain can then focus on the priority tasks without distraction or negative impact. The lingering effects of concussion and TBI can be lifelong and present challenges in personal and professional life. By using Swannies, clients have reported having more concentration, less brain fatigue and confusion, and more quality sleep.
  • Productivity: Our bodies were not meant to be in front of screens with blue light for 8-10 hours per day. It’s difficult for healthy brains to process information correctly when being barraged by artificial light. This results in brain fog, eye strain, and fatigue when in a modern work environment. Daytime Swannies have helped our clients stay on task with assignments, have less mental fatigue, and more efficiency at work. One common comment from clients is not having the need for an afternoon pick-me-up (coffee, soda, energy drink) or a nap when wearing the daytime Swannies at work.

My personal observations:

  • I fall asleep faster, and sleep through the night when I wear my nighttime Swannies 1 hour before bed, especially if I am working on my laptop.
  • When I have extremely complicated pain cases, I wear my daytime Swannies while treating the client so I can have as much concentration and brain power as possible.
  • When I feel that dreaded eye-twitch, I know I have a migraine coming and I put on my daytime Swannies. Within minutes my eye twitch is gone, and my migraine dissaptes. For me, my biggest migraine trigger is sleep. If I have only a few hours of sleep, I will wear my Swannies proactively and most days am able to avoid a migraine.
  • I wear my daytime Swannies when I observe in the OR – without them the bright lights of the operating room cause mental and physical fatigue, and I have a difficult time concentrating and processing the information I am seeing and hearing. When I wear them, my 10-12 hour observation time flies by.
  • Working or learning in environments with fluorescent lights results in mental fatigue and inability to fully learn the information presented. When I wear my Swannies, I am able to retain more information and better utilize my learned knowledge.

Are you interested in trying them? Swanwick glasses are available in the Studio – we have Classic Black or Layered Grey in daytime and nighttime in regular size. Do you wear glasses already? They have “fit over” and prescription versions for you – available online only.

If you won’t be in the Studio in the next few weeks and you’d like to order a pair and have them shipped to you, you can go to and enter in promo code Neuro10.

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