How our treatments differ from spa massages


We all love relaxing massages. Everyone needs an hour of time to themselves every once in a while, and massage fills the need for time and relaxation, which is why it’s a popular choice at the resort and day spas. But what if you were wanting a specific area treated for that nagging pain you’ve had for several weeks, months, or years? Wouldn’t you find relief in that pain to be relaxing, too?

Many clients come to us for that reason. Relaxing, “deep tissue” massages are great a relaxing muscle tissue with deep, gliding strokes, but are limited in treating specific conditions. Many pain conditions require targeted treatment of trigger points and muscle adhesions to make corrective changes in the tissue, and to relieve pain. And that’s what we do!

Neuromuscular Therapy treats trigger points and adhesions through specific protocols to effectively and efficiently correct postural holding patterns, and reverse pain patterns. Myofascial Release Therapy corrects the fascial or connective tissue holding patterns that limit joint and muscle range of motion. And our Customized Therapy is the perfect hybrid of trigger point and myofascial work, with a few gliding strokes, done mostly in a full-body format.

Whatever your need for pain relief, we are here to help!

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