Integrating Cupping into Therapeutic Massage

Many people live their lives with stress, systemic disorders, discomfort and pain, and have discovered relief with receiving therapeutic massage. There is another option that is starting to get some notice in the media – Cupping Therapy. We are pleased to announce that cupping therapy can be integrated into your Therapeutic Massage with Danielle Ford.

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine, utilized for healing as early as 1550 B.C. A few common conditions that benefit from cupping are anxiety, high blood pressure, acne, anemia and fibromyalgia. “As a massage therapist, I have seen how it can help with inflammation, blood flow, pain, relaxation and promote healing. Its purpose is to draw out stagnant toxins and blood to the skin’s surface. As the pores open, the muscle tissues relax and release toxins promoting less inflammation and better lymphatic drainage.”, states Studio massage therapist, Danielle Ford.

How does it work? The therapist places the cups on the skin in an area that is ischemic (lack of blood flow) for a few minutes. The vacuum created causes the skin to lift off of the underlying tissue, and blood vessels to open to improve blood flow. Post-treatment one should expect discoloration of the skin (red, purple, brown) that usually lasts between 2-7 days. As the tissue becomes less stagnant, the discoloration occurs less also. You may experience fatigue the day after your session, so it is important to keep your tissue hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Resting is also highly recommended after a session

It is recommended to have 6-10 cupping-based sessions, either stand-alone appointments or incorporated into therapeutic massages, for tissue improvement, then as needed for maintenance. The results have been positive for many, and you will see a difference in your overall body function and well-being.

Danielle’s stand-alone cupping sessions are 30 minutes, or she can incorporate them into your 45, 60, or 90-minute session. Regardless of duration, sessions should be booked under Therapeutic Massage.

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