Integrity matters


One of the pillars of our customer service is integrity. We are committed to giving our clients the best experience and treatments possible, within our scope of practice. We are not physicians or physical therapists – we cannot and do not diagnose. We treat the symptoms that are presented to us, either in description from the client, or diagnosis notes from a referring physician or PT. We can’t tell you if your disc is herniated or your ACL torn. We can, however, treat the muscle and connective tissue conservatively AS IF it were herniated or torn until proper imaging and a diagnosis is gained. At that point, we may adjust our treatments to take a new diagnosis into account, but we still treat within our scope.

We also do our best to thoroughly educate each client on the factors that may be contributing to their pain, and what to do for self-care and posture in daily life between sessions. A critical part of being able to help clients in the most efficient way possible is a client being diligent in their at-home self-care.

If we treat a client for a while and we aren’t making progress or the client plateaus, we don’t keep treating just to fill our books. That is in no one’s best interest, especially the client. We refer them to a physician, physical therapist, acupuncturist or naturopathic physician that may be able to assist us in further diagnosis or treatment in conjunction with the therapy they are receiving at our Studio.

We are punctual with our appointments. We respect the fact that you have made your appointment at a time that works best for you, and you have other places to be. We will always end your treatment on time – if you need additional treatment time, we will always ask you if you need to leave at the designated ending time before extending the session. It’s just the courteous and respectful thing to do.

And we will always say Thank You for your patronage. By choosing our Studio you are helping to support a growing small business and keeping the doors open so that we may help others in need. And to earn your trust and your business we strive to have exceptional customer service.

And that’s why integrity matters.

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