KMI Series – Session #12: Balance and Completion

Session 12 – Balancing and Completion

1" height change with KMI series
1″ height change with KMI series

The thing I was most excited about for the last session, was seeing my growth. We had put a sticky note with my initials on the wall when I was measured during session 1. I already knew there would be a difference, but the anticipation was killing me!

This last session wasn’t as long as the rest, as we had already put most of the “pieces” together. I walked around the room, Melissa tracked my movement, and we checked my posture from 4 different angles. As she moved around the different parts of my body to make sure they were all working well together, my body felt in alignment. I could actually feel it. We checked my gait and how my body moved as I walked around the room. I paid more attention to my movement, too. I concentrated on walking with my feet flexing and moving the way they are supposed to.

The biggest change? I grew an inch! Over the course of the series, I had grown an inch. I walked out knowing that my body was moving the way it should. I was taller. My pain was virtually gone. I was breathing properly. My body felt like a “well-oiled machine,” as they say.

~ blog info on Session 12 from Amy D.


Do you have the constant feeling that things are out of alignment, or that your body just doesn’t move as well as it used to? The Structural Integration series may be a good fit for you. You can try Session #1 as a stand-alone treatment and see how it makes an impact on your movement and breathing!

If you have any specific questions, please email our Structural Integration specialist Melissa at

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