KMI Structural Integration – Session 2 – A Client’s Perspective


Yesterday, I had my second KMI Structural Integration session. This second session was for my Superficial Back Line.

The photos this time were of my posture. The outcome is to have your ear, shoulder, hip, and ankle in line. Like most people, when I walk, my head is forward, and in front of my body. The middle of my back (from lower shoulder blades to above my waist, was very tight last week, and this session opened it up wide.

As she worked on the back of my legs, Melissa explained everything. She was working on my achilles, because most people don’t. She really dug in there! I was very active during this therapy, as I was asked to move my feet, toes, etc, as she worked. After the first leg, I got up and walked around. Wow. The difference between sides was unbelievable. One leg felt light and airy, and the other felt like it was walking in sand.

My lower back was next. Holy cow. One side was way tighter than the other, which I am sure is from sleeping or sitting crooked in my office chair. (As I write this, I corrected my posture.) I could feel an energy rush instantly up to my head. It was almost like a traffic jam had opened up.

Melissa ended with some shoulder and neck work, after doing the backs of my arms.

As I stood when the session was done, I could feel my body pulling me backward, instead of my head and chest pulling me forward. My shoulders were more square than last week, too. I walked around the room, and felt almost cat-like in my movements. I got home and was very relaxed, though my body felt more alive.

I’m really excited for the next treatment!

~ Amy D.

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