KMI Structural Integration – Session 3 (Superficial Lateral Line)

Session 3, Before and After pictures

I went through the third KMI Structural Integration session earlier this week, which is for the Lateral Line. This was also the third superficial session. The primary goal of KMI Structural Integration is to improve the alignment and movement of the body.

The first thing we do every session is check my alignment by looking at me from both sides, then back, then front. In this way Melissa can see what is out of line. (My shoulders are not in the same spot.)

There was a lot of work done on my back, especially my lower back. A few days later, I noticed a couple dark bruises on my back. This is normal, as blood vessels can get [overworked] from any massage. I noticed the difference right away! When I sat in my car to drive home, I felt taller, my back felt more open, and everything just moved more freely.

I should also note that these massages are mostly “dry.” Lotions make the skin slippery, which makes it difficult to get to the bottom layer. [KMI treatments utilize a small amount of unrefined shea butter; we use Alaffia for the quality and sustainability].

After this third session, my body felt opened up. It felt like all my joints and muscles were lubed-up and ready to go. The creaks are gone, too!

~ Guest post by Amy D.
[Comments] interjected by Rachel Carroll

[*** Notes regarding before and after pictures – the images were taken with two different cameras and one of the images flipped to be positioned correctly (not ideal, but you can still see the results with the session).

Changes to note: Neck – before was jutting forward, after is back and more in alignment with shoulders; Pelvis – before is tilted forward, after is in a more neutral position; Elbow/Forearm – before elbow is more bent, after is straighter and arm appears longer; Lower Legs – before knees appear to be hyperextended (pushed backward), after they are straight. These changes are with JUST session #3 in the series!!!]

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