KMI Structural Integration – Session 6

Session 6 as conveyed by our client, Amy D.


Last week, I went through session 6 of the KMI Structural Integration series. That one was focused on the Psoas, and the “Central Deep Front Line.”

The psoas is our primary hip flexor and one of our main core muscles. See our blog on the psoas here!

There were two things Melissa did that affected me later that day, for a couple days. As she was working on me, she got under my rib cage to work on my diaphragm. It felt a little funny, but not painful or uncomfortable. Frankly, I had no idea a diaphragm could be massaged. Of course, she was working on the fascia, not the actual diaphragm. I had the hiccups 4 times last week, after this session, and I never get hiccups. It is always fun to see how the sessions work and what they affect afterwards.

The other part that affected me after was digestion. Part of the psoas goes under the pelvis, so Melissa was also touching the intestines. (It wasn’t as gross as it sounds. She was, literally, in my pelvis in front to work on the psoas.) One of the warnings she gave me (she tells me each session if there are possible side effects, etc.) was that I may be a little gassy for a day or two. I farted the entire ride home, and it subsided the next day. Good times!

At the end of the session when I walked around the room, my hips and pelvis had more movement. Everything was moving smoothly. I felt like the Tin Man, right after he gets the oil can out and lubes up his joints. The session was on a Tuesday, and by Friday, everything seemed to just be in place, with no extra gas or hiccups.

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