KMI Structural Integration – Session 7 Deep Back Line

Session 7 Deep Back Line – Amy D.’s experience


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I stopped looking ahead in the series to see what was coming up. I was pleasantly surprised when I got (un)dressed for Session 7, which is the Deep Back Line, because I had done a long hike the day before and my lower body was sore.

This session focused on the backs of the legs and lower back. The goal was to align with the previous sessions (5 & 6). While a couple of the previous sessions had parts when I wanted to shout “Uncle!,” I was looking forward to that with this session.

Have you ever had your heels and Achilles massaged? Melissa got right in there, and I felt the backs of my ankles to the bottom of my feet more aligned when she was done working on them. She makes me get up to walk around the room during our sessions, so I can feel the difference. Boy, did I!

After the first side was done, as I was walking around the room, I couldn’t believe the difference. Keep in mind, I have been doing yoga for about 20 years. I was a cheerleader and gymnast, so I know how stretching opens me up. KMI Structural Integration works in a different way, and I feel more open from this therapy than from a good yoga workout. It’s a little intangible, and more like something I can “feel.”

The biggest thing I felt, though, was my sacrum becoming an anchor for my body. I’ve become more conscious about my posture, too, from this therapy. I no longer lock my knees, which is a habit I picked up from being a kid.

So far, though, this biggest thing I feel is…no pain.

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