What is KMI Structural Integration?

kmi_womanKMI Structural Integration is a 12 session series that releases chronic myofascial (fascia, or connective tissue) holding patterns in the whole body to restore posture, joint mobility and efficiency of movement. This series is the closest thing to an anatomical  “factory reset” that we have. Many of us have holding patterns in our bodies that have slowly developed over time due to repetitive movements or positions. Some of these include slouched upright posture, shoulders rounding forward, feet turning out, and exaggerated lumbar spine curve.

We are asked all the time, “Who benefits from this type of treatment?” Our answer: Almost everyone! The only strict populations that should not receive structural integration are pregnant clients, children and the elderly. Women can, and should!, receive Structural Integration after having a baby to correct all the left-sided patterns that are reinforced during pregnancy. These pregnancy-based patterns can solidify in the months after delivery and can begin the process of chronic pain if not corrected.

Many people have heard of Rolfing, the original form of Structural Integration, but maybe not KMI. Kinesis Myofascial Integration is a 12 session series based on Ida Rolf’s 10 session series with two additional sessions to address a few more aspects as deemed important by creator,  Tom Myers. Tom’s unique view of the body includes his philosophy “Anatomy Trains”, the idea that there are many lines of linked muscle from head to toe that work as a chain for whole-body functional movement, instead of just one muscle doing one specific action. To read more about Tom Myers, KMI and Anatomy Trains, please visit: http://www.anatomytrains.com/at/introduction/

Melissa Voight at The Neuromuscular Studio is one of a handful of Board Certified Structural Integrators in the Phoenix area trained by Tom Myers and Certified in KMI. She is truly gifted at fascial and connective tissue work, and we are very happy that she is a part of The Neuromuscular Studio team.

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    1. Hi Bill,

      The KMI session series is $135 per session. We recommend that the sessions be either one or two weeks apart for optimum benefit from the series, but if a break in therapy is needed, we can insert one after the 4th session which closes out the first phase of the series before starting the second phase. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

      Thank you!
      Rachel Carroll, CNMT
      Owner, The Neuromuscular Studio, LLC

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