Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and its importance


Have you heard the term Lymphatic Drainage and wondered what its all about? And why would someone have their lymph drained? Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a very gentle form of massage that manipulates and stimulates the body’s lymphatic system through light gliding strokes. Our immune response is dependent on a well-functioning lymph system, and the system can become stagnant creating a window for illness. It can also manifest as swelling in an area or edema in an extremity. Having a Lymphatic Drainage Therapy session is a key part of tissue healing post-surgery as well.

We recommend a Lymphatic Drainage session at the start of the cold/flu season to boost the immune system, and also if any swelling occurs in the feet, calves or arms. After surgery, you can have local lymphatic sessions around your surgery site to drain extra tissue fluid about 2-3 weeks post surgery – please consult your surgeon.

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