Preventative massage therapy creates lasting wellness

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how our treatments can help to correct the soft tissue aspects of injury and biomechanical dysfunction, but prevention of injuries and pain is just as important. When our muscle and connective tissue is regularly treated though massage therapy, there is less tension placed on our joints and decreased chance of injury, we have better range of motion and flexibility, and we have decreased pain. Pain-inducing trigger points are kept in a deactivated state, our circulation improves, there is a decrease in excess fluid during the hot summer months, and an increase in quality of sleep. Our Lymphatic Drainage Therapy also helps to keep your lymphatic system working efficiently, which helps to prevent illness and boosts immunity. Best of all, these treatments are less intense than when we are actively working to correct a problem, and less costly – one maintenance session per month is more cost effective than going 6-12 months without a session, then needing 1-2 treatments per week for correction. With all those benefits, it just makes sense to schedule regular maintenance sessions, and it truly feels good to come in for a “tune up”!

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