KMI Structural Integration – Rolfing

June 22, 2015

I was beyond blessed to find this amazing place! My physical therapist, Eric Christensen of Chandler Physical Therapy referred me. I had my 1st appointment with Melissa, after that I knew I needed the KMI Structural Integration (Rolfing) series. It was beyond my greatest expectations! I grew a full 3/4 of an inch and now move more freely than ever! I know my problem (stuck areas) now; I'm aware of them when I least expect it. I would highly recommend this place to you, your family and friends, I will not be going anywhere else after discovering this incredible place!!! *I've also had 1 appointment with Holly and Rachel, for neuromuscular work on my overworked arms and have been very happy with both of them! You can't go wrong with any of these amazing women!!! 🙂

6/2/15 via Facebook Reviews

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