The best birthday present ever – Madison McHugh is walking!

We’d like to take a moment to wish Madison McHugh a very happy 2nd birthday!! She received a special gift this week – the special walker that she needs in order to try walking. As of yet, Madison has been unable to walk and has been in leg braces in order to provide some stability in her legs to increase her strength. The walker was deemed necessary for progress by her physicians a few months ago, but their insurance was not approving it. Finally on Monday Madison received her specialized walker and on Tuesday she tried it out for the first time, and SHE’S WALKING! A VERY special moment for both Madison and her mom, Anna.

We are accepting donations for Madison’s medical bills via Paypal on our Charitable Donations page. Her parents are in collections on many of their bills from Madison’s 8 month hospital stay (Yes, 8 MONTHS) and her open heart surgery, as well as other procedures.Ryan,  Madison’s Dad, works 3 jobs, including a full-time job as a firefighter with the Town of Gilbert, in order for Anna to be home with Madison, to keep a roof over their head, and put food on the table. Despite all of his hard work, they are struggling to keep up.

If you’d like to give Madison a birthday present, please consider donating to her family’s medical bills. They are a very humble and appreciative family, and are very grateful for the support our Studio has given them!

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