Three Tips for Less Stress This Holiday Season! (2 of 3)

Tip #2: It’s okay to say NO – Setting Boundaries


Let’s face it, the Holiday season is full of so many invites and so little time. From Thanksgiving dinners, to Christmas parties to New Year’s Eve soirees, you may find every possible morning, noon, and night filled on every weekend if you’re not careful. And if you’re lucky like my household, you can add in a few extra birthday celebrations, too.

You have two choices: schedule yourself and your family for every event that comes your way, and be tired and drained, or choose the events that are incredibly special to you or ones that fit your families schedule best. It’s okay to say no to others, and yes to yourself. In fact, it’s healthy. And guess what? They will understand because deep down, they are wishing they had the strength and foresight to say No, too.  They have just as busy of an invite schedule, and they understand that you can’t be everywhere at the same time. When you say No to half of your opportunities for social events, you are saying Yes to the people you choose to spend your time with, which in turn makes everyone happier.

More importantly you are putting a place holder in your schedule so that you can breathe and have the opportunity to do the things you enjoy most at your pace. A few favorites of mine: Drinking a great Cabernet while trimming the tree. Sitting at the kitchen table and addressing Christmas cards while drinking coffee. Wrapping presents while listening to Christmas music. Or sitting on the couch, looking at your decorated tree and simply doing nothing.


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