What IS Neuromuscular Therapy, anyway?

Neuromuscular Therapy on spinal muscles

In short, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is a highly specialized form of medical massage therapy that specifically treats pain in a corrective manner for a long-term solution, not just a few hours.

Have you every had a deep tissue massage for pain and you end up feeling worse after a few hours? It’s a very common complaint we hear when clients come into our office for the first time looking for a different solution.

Here’s why deep tissue can make you sore:

Trigger points in muscles develop because of trauma or repetitive strain over time (think about looking down at your phone all the time > headaches and neck pain!!) They are like little “buttons” need to be manually pushed on and released, they cannot be stretched out. Neuromuscular Massage Therapy does this! Deep tissue massage does not specifically treat those trigger points, so they get “stirred up” and irritated, which can give you MORE pain.

So what is deep tissue massage? Deep tissue is a generalized term for massage that is done with deep pressure, often using Swedish strokes for relaxation. Some therapists use trigger point techniques in their deep tissue sessions, but the intent of the session is relaxation, not corrective manual tissue work. Our focus is finding and treating the trigger points that are causing you pain and dysfunction so you can have less pain, more movement and a better life! Several sessions are needed in order for the trigger points to recognize new patterns and have longer lasting pain relief, so plan to schedule an initial series of three. 

Tired of your deep tissue massage making you feel worse, or not being specific enough to address your pain? Schedule your initial session today to start feeling better. Click Here to book!

Neuromuscular Therapy on neck


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