Why choose The Neuromuscular Studio?


One of our most frequent questions from new, potential clients is “Why are you different than regular massage therapy?” Many physicians and physical therapists have found benefit in the work that we do, especially in conjunction with other therapies and/or procedures, and many are recommending that they try a few sessions of Neuromuscular Therapy or Myofascial Release prior to other, more invasive, interventions.

Why? The short version is that our advanced training is more specialized than that of a regular massage therapist – we have up to two and a half years of additional training (depending on the therapist), including optional cadaver labs, in our medical-based therapies over that of our regular massage therapy training, and also have been Certified in our areas of specialty for many years. Because of this we have extensive experience in treating the specifics of spinal and soft tissue injuries, post-surgical scars and adhesions, and chronic myofascial pain which allows physicians to recommend our services with ease.

Our treatments are conservative in nature – while some of our therapies require deep pressure, we DO NOT subscribe to the “No Pain, No Gain” theory. We work with the 1-10 pain scale with every client to ensure we are not surpassing their individual pain threshold. And, with Neuromuscular work, the effectiveness of the treatment is all based on specificity of treating trigger points and adhesions, NOT depth of pressure.

When combining our therapies with traditional physical therapy, most clients report that they make progress more quickly. Our referring physical therapists report that they are able to do more in the way of range of motion and strengthening with patients because we have worked with all the tissue limitations.

All in all, The Neuromuscular Studio provides specific, informed, medical-based massage therapy treatments in order to efficiently improve a client’s quality of life. And we are honored to be a part of our clients’ treatment plan and healing process.

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